As African American Women, We Have Grown to Love the Skin we are in, But Do We Really Know How To?

Growing up, I never had women around me stress the importance of taking care of my skin, skincare came later in life and it came from women who did not look like me. It always made me think, why don’t African American women take care of their skin? But I quickly learned that we do, but so many of us live with misconceptions and very little knowledge about skin-care. A huge misconception that I had was that women with melanin did not need SPF, but SPF should be worn daily and all year around. SPF not only protects skin from sun damage, wind damage, and environmental factors, but it also helps to reduce signs of aging. An important thing to know about skin health is that it starts from the inside, so water, vitamins, and foods we choose...all make a difference! Knowing your skin type and YOUR own personal skin routine can be powerful. Each of us should personalize our skin regime to help keep our skin healthy, soft, nurtured, and protected. Signs like flaky skin, large pores, redness, and pigmentation issues can be signs that our skin is dehydrated, oily, problematic, or that there is something going on inside of our bodies. Learning our skin and how to take care of our skin before we pile makeup on gives us a glow with or without having a full-face on. Let’s pamper ourselves and know that as we continue with social distancing and fighting injustices in the world, our skin doesn’t need to suffer. Remember, wear your SPF daily for protection, be from FLAWLESS from the inside out, and love the skin you are in! Click the link below to purchase our very own products. 


Kelly Bey-Borden, CEO

Flawless Faces Makeup Artistry 

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