George Floyd Mattered!

In the wake of the riots, the looting, the protests, the upheaval and the wide spread of rage attacking us day to day, there was a man who's life was terminated and stolen because of fear, racism, poor judgement and execution and simply poor policing. Beneath the root of this tragic lost, stems a problem much deeper than the explicit biases that are projected on the news, on tv and on our social media accounts. This is a mindset of inferiority and an even bigger fear of developing one social class. One social class would force us to suspend hate, greed, envy, capitalism and imperialism. This would alter humanity with respect to how we view life, the deeds we perform, what true happiness means and costs of education would drastically change. This would force us to accept and allow people to be who they want to be without judgement or retribution. Laws would change, purpose would change and true happiness will also change. In reality, we fear this we fear being the same. Being on the same level, sitting at the same tables and fitting into a mold. We fear being one class. We fear being one race...the Human Race.

In the end we are all the same! Ashes and Dust. A memory. Will this universal shift happen in my lifetime? I don't imagine it will. Do I believe it will happen eventually? I pray it does but I also pray that the stories that make us human and the stories that have defined our purpose will shine and be protected and remain accessible to teach how to disrupt and dismantle systems of oppression. There is power in uniting. There is power in using your voice. There is power in promoting peace. There is power in righting a wrong that has sought to oppress an ancient civilization. 

Now is the time to speak up and denounce racism, injustice, inequality and oppression. Now is the time to embrace healing, love, spiritual connectedness and kindness. Now is the time to do your part internally and teach your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, students and mentees to denounce racism and all facets. Truthfully, we are all tired. Tired of the merciless killings of innocent people, tired of the gang mentality, tired of the exploitation of African American communities, tired of the injustices that prevail and slap us constantly in our faces, tired of the violence that plague our communities and the pollution of drugs and guns that forces us to hate us. This is systemic and the system must be dismantled. It starts with you...becoming aware, educating those around you and joining causes that fight these attacks daily. Racism is Terrorism! We can defeat this notion if we unite, stand tall like DAVID and face our truth (GOLIATH). We are governed by FEAR. Speak up. Do good. Be Well. Be Free. 

Click the link below to rally and show solidarity for George Floyd, Black Lives Matter and (The man who continues to change our world) the countless victims who've fallen ill to gun violence and police brutality.

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