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Love...The Most Complex Word in the World

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"Where there is love there is life."

Traditionally, love has been defined as "a deep romantic or sexual attachment to someone." Then there's the definition that suggest "an intense feeling of deep affection." Or maybe you've come to know love as "a great interest and pleasure in something." Yet love takes on so many more meanings than just the stereotypical societal attributes often associated with its name.

"Love so many people use your name in vain"...was once whispered to us by Music Soulchild and he reminded us that love is interesting and complex but we must always choose love first. Love although sometimes advertised as altruistic. It is much more complex. We learn how to love from the moment we are born. Our mothers are our first teachers, then we learn how to self soothe; essentially learning how to love ourselves. While love is affection, compassion, forgiveness, empathy and all those great things it's also sharing and exchanging information, sharing hidden dangers, unveiling societal injustices and spreading truth. Where there is love hate cannot reside. Jealousy has no chance and trust feels easy.

So today we urge you to look inward and practice one of our favorite mantras "I LOVE ME". Repeat this mantra daily and your life will begin to transform because you are now practicing the art of self care. Self care is essential to be of help to anyone and loving yourself has to be a priority. How we treat ourselves becomes the catalyst for the way others begin to treat us. We simply cannot expect others to value us if we do not practice valuing ourselves. We all deserve love but most importantly, we must practice loving ourselves. So in closing, reciting "I Love Me" is a great way to start your day. It's a great way to heal and begin the process of transforming your life. If you're struggling with confidence issues, making tough decisions, feeling inadequate or simply need a daily pick me up, shop this bracelet in our collection. Reminders help and they have the power to heal. Good luck on your journey.

If you have a favorite mantra/routine that keeps you going, please leave us a comment and share how it helps you. 

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