Timeless Junk Fine Jewelry seeks out to find Artisans from around the world who LOVE their craft for Jewelry Making. One Artisan in particular, created our latest Timelace known as "CHOKED". So what makes CHOKED so special? Well let me explain. Choked is coated in our favorite precious metal yet Rose Gold. She's elegantly scripted in Old English and can be customized to meet your every whim and desire. CHOKED is flirty, fun and feisty to say the least. But Imagine a night like this... 

You've been told to be ready by 7pm. Don't panic! You got this. As you prepare for the evening ahead, you tune in to Case's Pandora Station to help you set the mood. You reach to the back of the closet where you have the perfect black bodycon dress that invites curiosity and sex appeal. As you lay her on the bed, you dance to the smooth tunes of Happily Ever After and gently apply your favorite perfume to your pulse points, behind your ears, inner elbows and behind your knees. As you slide your dress on, you think about the art that will make this simple dress unforgettable and you immediately lock eyes with CHOKED! She glimmers from afar in your armoire and screams pick me! You walk closer and as you draw near, she pulls you in and whisper "This will be the perfect evening". So you snatch her and put her on and the reflection in the mirror is everything and more. It's Timeless, Empowering, Modern and Minimalist with the perfect amount of sexy! You feel elated. The feeling is euphoric and your heart pounds from the aniticipation. The door bell suddenly rings it's 6:55pm. You race to answer the door and as you pull the door back you're pulled in close and a gentle kiss is bestowed upon your lips with an inviting smile. You have no words. You've CHOKED. So you grab your purse and keys and prepare for an evening of adventure praying for the perfect words at the perfect time to to make this date night reliveable. 

Choose CHOKED.


  • Kelly Bey-Borden

    Honey this one left me blushing! I was Choked!

  • Darall Smith

    Well spoken!!!!! Awesome.

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