October Is For Survivors

Surviving is a concept we have come to know as a result of the human experience. It is through survival that we learn how to identify both suffering and happiness. Surviving is a journey that can be both devastating and victorious. Yet we all have come to survive something. Whether it being our own demons that haunt us as we attempt to walk this walk of life, or past traumas that have forever changed our lives or close counters with life and death that reveal just how precious a life truly is. We have all experienced some type of recovery that has made us more resilient and have taught us a different life lesson. 
Survivorship is the celebration of beating the odds that were stacked against us. It is that glimmer of hope, a second chance or several chances to make things anew. Recognizing these monumental moments are essential to the recovery that lies ahead. As we learn to recognize our own internal struggles and allow Time to serve it's purpose (Healing) we must remember to be our own heroes. Pat yourself on the back. Celebrate your successes. Treat yourself when you've made gains. Self proclaim "I survived". No one ever said that life would be simple or easy but what we do know is that life is about surviving. Each day we survive and have a chance to make things better. We have a chance to love harder. We have a chance to forgive (the ultimate display of love). In fact, it's no brainer that life is hard but there are moments we must never forget to celebrate! 
I recently downloaded Logic's 1-800-273-8255 after viewing his performance for this song with Alessia Cara and Khalid on the VMA's and I cried incessantly. The raw emotion of suffering in silence and thinking about all of the children and adults who feel trapped or as if life is too hard to endure moved me in such a way that was unexplainable. His courage to showcase survivorship was unwavering. This song celebrates one's ability to keep pushing through the pain despite the desire to quit. So at your leisure take a listen and share with someone who may be suffering in silence. 
Featured below is "Haute Pink" and "I Survived" mantra cuff. They are our hot items of the month and they celebrate survivorship. You can get these items for 20% off by using promo code: PINK20 for the entire month of October. I hope this quick read helps someone...as always feel free to drop a comment below. 
Haute Pink

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