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We are sooooooo excited to introduce our newest member to our team, ALIA! Alia has been passionate about Timeless Junk Fine Jewelry, LLC. from the moment we first met. Quite interestingly, while making a local run to the nearest Target store I met Alia. She was working in the Electronics Department and assisted me with a purchase. Immediately, I was drawn to her Minimalism (Thinking She Gets It). My mind began racing as I practiced what to say to see if she would be interested in joining our team. Oddly, I ended up leaving and with much disappointment, regreted not sharing who I was and nor any mention of my business. It was about two weeks later, that I went on another Target run and there she was! It was as if she was placed there in perfect timing and I anxiously asked if she would be interested in being an ambassador for Timeless Junk Fine Jewelry. Her eyes lit up and she stated "Yes! I have been wanting to do some print work for quite some time and I loveeeee social media." As we began to exchange information, I knew she was the one! Her excitement for my brand was captivating, it was authentic, it was inspiring for me and it was the answer to my prayers.

As Entrepreneurs, we assume alot! Long days and long nights, several if not all job roles and responsibilities and finally help was here!!! I finally found someone who was just as excited about building my brand as I was and whose energy was pure! Running a small business is hard work but what I find to be the most rewarding are the faces that actually ponder about the product, those customers who dare to post a picture looking their flyest, customers who send an email to share their positive experience with ordering, and the faces that begin to transform when their hope is renewed. They've found their own healing through the art of creation. Each day, we at Timeless Junk Fine Jewelry work to deliver nothing short of 100% and Alia exemplifies this naturally! 

Alia will be serving as our Social Media Guru and our Brand Ambassador/Influencer. She is FEARLESS! She is CLASSIC! She is TIMELESS! When she's not working, she is traveling with family and spending time with friends. Her motto is simple "I believe in supporting others because we all need support at some time. If I am in a position to help I will!" How could I not love a gal as driven as she! Do us a favor and say Hi to Alia in the comments and welcome her to the Timeless Team. We look forward to a budding relationship with Alia as we grow one bracelet at a time!


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    Hi Alia! Congrats and I know you if Blondie approves, your spirit is most genuine. Again congrats and many blessings to you.

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