Elise Styles with Rose Gold

As the weather heats up and the days get closer to summer, one staple item that Lifestyle Blogger Elise keeps nearby is her Rose Gold crossbody. Blissfully Blossoming Beauty blogger Elise says "This is a must have color in every girls wardrobe and is also daring for sexy nights filled with wonder." The beauty of rose gold lies in its mysterious hints of both pink and gold which gives luster, luxury and total sophistication.

Rose Gold has been around for quite some time yet the trend to possess some has become an addiction. Elise not only makes sure that she keeps these staple items in her possession, she believes that rose gold will soon become as prevalent as gold and silver. "The demand is far greater and the quality is simply astonishing. These pieces of blush are the best kept secrets amongst jewelry/accessory lovers around the world." If that doesn't convince, grab a rose gold mantra bracelet from Timeless Junk to start you out on your quest and watch your addiction come alive. Check out three tips for styling with Rose Gold. 

1. Purchase a rose gold clutch or crossbody. It will give luster to even the most simplistic outfit. 

2. Attempt a rose gold heel/sneaker. Metallics on the feet add drama to your step. 

3. Start with small rose gold accessories: try a pair of rose gold sunglasses, earrings, watches or rings and let them do the talking for you. 



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