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JUMP What will change if we remain the same, better yet what will grow if our beliefs are slow. This notion to JUMP begins with a glimmer of HOPE because HOPE forces us to believe that we can Achieve something different than the moment we're in. It gives us goals to win while our heads still spins. Life though filled with the highs and the lows, those test are the things that actually force us to grow. Yet we live in fear each day because we fear how great we can become and we settle for mediocrity when it's all said and done. JUMP a simple LEAP yet all so subjective. It's intropective. It's an individual experience that challenges the...

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Am I really living FEARLESS?

We can be challenged daily in life to give up, give in, remain silent and not win. Today, we hope that you have the courage to take at least one FEARLESS Leap. Whether it's leaping toward a decision, changing career paths, studying something new, eating something new, thinking a bit differently than normally or simply trying a new color that you wouldn't necessarily gravitate toward. Speak out and speak up against the injustices that exist around us. Fight for the equality of all. Live Fearless. Our mantra cuff serves as the perfect reminder to take risky leaps. As you begin to discover your true self, you will begin to see the world and the people in it dance around you....

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