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WHOAH! Our 1000th SITE VISIT! Thanks to You!

Timeless Junk Fine Jewelry Team Members are extending our sincerest thanks to all of our visitors, subscribers and VIP members. We have reached a major milestone and are celebrating our 1000th site visit since we've been open for business. Here's what we promise to bring to all of our customers... Exceptional Customer Service  High Quality Jewelry Items  The Latest Trends in Minimalist Jewelry  A Positive Shopping Experience  (Insider) Subscribers are the First to know about New Product Launches and Exclusive Savings Rate our products and receive exclusive savings off future purchases. Timeless Junk is committed to bringing you the best! Why? Well because you deserve it darling. Happy Shopping.   

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We are so excited to launch the Timeless Ring Collection. Whether you like to keep it simplistic and wear a ring or two, we have you covered. Layer your rings for fun or make them midis for added drama. Timeless Rings are a must! Try Shaan if you're feeling unsettled. She will quickly put you in a place of peace. Or try Zena traditionally or as a midi to mesmerize your admirers. Our rings are rose gold and speak nothing short of luxury. Wear them as you choose or stack them as you see fit. This is a trend to try while re-inventing your looks. Timeless Rings are a SCORE so put yours on the board. Tell us what you love about our...

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Am I really living FEARLESS?

We can be challenged daily in life to give up, give in, remain silent and not win. Today, we hope that you have the courage to take at least one FEARLESS Leap. Whether it's leaping toward a decision, changing career paths, studying something new, eating something new, thinking a bit differently than normally or simply trying a new color that you wouldn't necessarily gravitate toward. Speak out and speak up against the injustices that exist around us. Fight for the equality of all. Live Fearless. Our mantra cuff serves as the perfect reminder to take risky leaps. As you begin to discover your true self, you will begin to see the world and the people in it dance around you....

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