The New Year Brings New Things...It Is So Written!

Happy New Year to My Favorite People in the World!
As 2017 came to an end and 2018 came with a freezing vengeance, I had several moments of reflection and decided to once again attempt the impossible. I've given so much thought to where my business is currently and where exactly I want it to go. See...I'm different...I'm passionate...I'm utterly selfish in my designs and refuse to bring any products that I wouldn't first wear myself. As the saying goes quality vs. quantity and that is something that I hold dear as I design and bring new products to the face of Timeless Junk Fine Jewelry. This new line will be Bold, Brilliant, Beautiful and Exquisite in Design. It is for the Fearless because these staple pieces will become apart of who you are daily and will trigger the minds of those who become be-witched by your presence. Stand for something or fall for anything.
Today, I choose to stand for all the young girls, ladies and women who have been sexually assaulted, those who have experienced work place misconduct and sexual harrassment, those who have been oppressed because they are simply female, those who failed to receive a higher position because it was thought to be most ideal for a male counterpart. Today, I stand for Feminism and Fearless Activism. #TIMESUP for unfair laws that prevent us from excelling and breaking those glass ceilings. #TIMESUP for being careful and sensitive to what others think or believe. I will stand and I will create those things that will become apart of the evolution and restoration of the human being. Healing and Love is all that I will embrace and will be exhibited in my art and design as it has always been. What I have come to realize is that my art has freed me, it has allowed me to grow through many painful dark moments and has become a vessel of enlightenment for myself as well as my amazing customers! Thank you all for joining me on this journey. I have so much more in store. Just watch as I reveal a different side of me. Time and Time again...
Just Love,

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