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Turning Grief into Glory

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November 5th 2018 changed my life forever. It was the day that I Blondie the Owner and CEO of Timeless Junk Fine Jewelry loss my father and best friend Thomas Stanley Moore. This was also the day that I lost my vision for Timeless Junk Fine Jewelry. Equally crushing. Although I could feel his death near (even more strange) the reality of his loss is still much of a shock for me even though I'm reminded daily of his absence. Grief is such a strange thing. One day is all good then the next you're ready to crawl into a fetal position and stay that way until the sun shines again. So what propelled me to get up again? Well where do I start...there is this beautiful creation named Kenzie Grace Smith. She was born on March 7th 2019 at 1:27am weighing in at 7lbs. 3 oz. Delivered by one of the best doctors I have ever encountered Dr. Kwong (Johns Hopkins Hospital). Kenzie made her debut after a very difficult pregnancy where she remained transverse the majority of my pregnancy causing extreme pain, pressure and an awkward baby bump to say the least. Once I laid eyes on her, every pain that I had endured escaped my memory and was replaced with complete euphoria. She was happy, healthy and her eyes shimmered as if she had seen this world before. Much of my pain including the grief began to lift. 

This addition to our family seemed to heal us all. In more ways than one. She came bearing smiles, a hefty appetite and a joy that was unmatched. The months that lied ahead became easier and the grief didn't feel as heavy each day. Kenzie Grace is now 9 Months and is more active than ever. She talks...yes she talks. Her first word was hi and she said it three times then mama followed and now she babbles with her sister as if they're sharing the latest tea. Kenzie waves bye bye and claps her hands and is now trying to walk. She's not a fan of crawling and I believe she plans to skip that stage. Thus the nickname #BougieBaby My dad would've fallen in love with Kenzie in fact I know he's looking down from heaven and smiling and laughing at how Kenzie interacts with each of us. She is such a strong baby. Not only did she endure a grief stricken mother, she came ready to conquer and quickly learn the world around her. Kenzie is such a quick study and she loves Beethoven and Mozart. During my pregnancy, I would play sonnets from both and nestle my phone near my belly.  Sometimes she would kick and other times she would roll around and distort her body in very uncomfortable positions. Her positioning became so crazy at times, my doctor never could find her head or positioning when she would conduct my prenatal checks. This little person has already brought so much joy into my home and I refer to her as the Healer because she has healed each of us. For that I am thankful. I am sharing just a piece of me who has brought tons of love and inspiration back into my spirit again. I am back...

Blondie, CEO of Timeless Junk Fine Jewelry 

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  • Crystal Briley on

    I am so proud of you and your transparency! I feel honored to not only know such a humble and miraculous being but sharing the same blood is a privilege! I love you forever

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