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What's your favorite Mantra?

"She believed she could so she did"

Whether you have one favorite Mantra or several, Timeless Junk Fine Jewelry features several in our collection that heal the heart. Our mantras serve as a call to act, remind others of taking time to remember and promote restoration on the journey. While it's extremely hard to select a favorite Mantra here at Timeless, we are eager to know your favorite mantras and one day you may actually see them featured here. Nonetheless, we love mantras that promote healing, joy and peace.   We welcome your comments and look forward to you sharing your favorite Mantras and what they mean to you. 

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  • Sheree on

    “Always Believe Something Wonderful Is Going To Happen”

    ~ This is my go to mantra. When I’m scared, anxious, nervous or just don’t know, I repeat this to myself and soon I’m calm and confident and ready to push through any obstacle. Mantras are great for all situations. Positive self talk does wonders for your soul. It clears your head, steadys your heart rate and empowers you. Timeless Junk speaks to the heart. The rose gold pieces are forever classics. I honestly haven’t removed my four bracelets since purchase. I plan to purchase them all.
    ~ Fearless
    ~ La Vie Est Belle
    ~ She Believed She Could So She Did

    I’d love to see a “Jump” or “Faith” mantra bracelet. I’d be first in line.

    Love this brand.

  • Crystal Hardy on

    Some people don’t fully understand what it means. They value materialistic things not knowing that anyone can buy those things. Family, friends, memories, time and life are all prime examples of what makes life beautiful. The beauty of it is, it can’t be bought which makes life even more VALUABLE. Live life to the fullest.

  • Kelly Bey-Borden on

    I am so excited about the growth of this line and what things are to come! This company never fails! Always quality! Fast delivery, pride in each piece, and unique pieces that are, well I guess the perfect word is Timeless.

  • Elise on

    My favorite mantra is “Time to jump”! It’s a reminder that you have to punch fear in the face sometimes and step out on pure faith.

    ❤️ Elise

  • Leona Oli on

    “She believed she could so she did”
    This reminds me to never doubt myself, anything I put my heart and mind to, can be accomplished. My journey hasn’t been easy and the many strong women in my life, family or friends have been motivators that’s why I am placing mother day orders for this timelessjunk jewelry piece which will be a great gift for them. A must have!

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