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Why Do We Fear Change?

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It’s 1:51pm and I’m sitting in the salon and I’m actually enjoying the time to unwind, to just be while still offering and extending light to others. For me “light” is knowledge, it’s an exchange of pleasant words, it’s hope, it’s sparkle, it’s peace in fact “light” is a moment of ease better yet it’s “grace” rendered. Timeless Junk Fine Jewelry, LLC is a small company that I set out to embark upon after bringing Arm Junk to a close. While I do realize that my first business cost me some customers and connections, I must say that this new vision became more clear and actually helped me to refine and develop my purpose and passion for minimalism. It’s amazing when you have followers and supporters who actually understand who you are as a designer and join you as you grow and learn more about yourself. For that I am eternally grateful.

We are taught to believe that we always need more more more yet one universal truth that still holds is the notion that we simply require our basic needs to be met. There is a desire within to feel whole and feel supported by those we love and trust yet many of us often feel a void that is simply deeply rooted in who we believe we are and what we believe we deserve. I’ve learned from many mistakes made along the way. What I have also come to realize is that no matter how I fulfill my desires to do more I am always pushed in a direction that is not as comfortable for me yet no matter what I prevail and actually get to know a part of myself that I never knew (self actualization) before. This is the “light” in which I speak about. It is change...it is growth...it is the moment in which we choose to overcome fear and recognize the power that resides within. Not the power to make others feel depended on you and your successes but the power to make others feel apart of who you are, share your vision and ultimately affect the masses. While my mind is physically changing, my designs are becoming more refined and my purpose is becoming clear. I can’t fit in a box. I wasn’t born to. I have way too much work to do and my plan is to take you with me if you choose to follow. So I no longer fear change because change is God’s grace to be who he intended me to be. That is his servant and his deliverer of love, light and liberty no matter the arena. I will follow his lead and keep leading others. Keep watch Time Piece Series II. is coming and it’s coming with a vengeance.

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